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If you have matched the color of your vehicle and its
interior as you wish, you are ready to hit the road!


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Is the journey just a way from one point to another?


The story of elegance is hidden in the details of the vehicle.
A journey to the past with the analog watch essential for luxury design.
Unexpected surprises, the sound of rain, the smell of the soil and the vintage naturalness will accompany you on your way.
In the landscapes you want to enjoy, your drinks are always with you.
The digital display, with its modern lines, will be your assistant on this journey.
It is always with you in its original design if you want to leave a mark on the road you travel.
Don’t be caught off guard in unexpected moments; complete your journey with confidence.
May your path always be clear with LED headlights.

Technical Specifications


Lithium/Gel: 60V/24 Ah
Lithium: 60V/30 Ah


1000 W

Front / Rear Brakes

Disc / Drum

Carrying Capacity

200 kg

Front / Rear Tires

3.0 - 10"


60V/24 Ah: 30-50 km
60V/30 Ah: 50-70 km

Charging Time

Lithium: 2-3 Hours
Gel: 8-10 Hours

Maximum Speed

25 km/h

With special accessories
enjoy unique journeys.